A story that continues to be written through the realization of dreams. First of all, the dreams of a family that wishes to arouse good feelings through beautiful furniture. From the dreams of our employees to fulfill the duty to always do the best. And, finally, of the dreams of our clients to have in their residence and places of leisure, a special and unique corner. That’s what makes Franccino keep growing.

At the hands of the Franccino brothers, the company established itself in the furniture business in 2001. Together, they started the venture through an outdoor furniture store in São Paulo.

Over time, they realized the need to produce special pieces for each customer, and then founded the company’s first factory in Cláudio / MG, a city more known in Minas as the “Carinho City”. And it was with this same feeling that Franccino started to produce its own furniture exclusively for external areas.

The Franccino family grew with the collective ideology of always making the best products. Handling materials in the production of furniture, such as certified wood, aluminum, steel, finishing, among other singularities of Franccino, each piece that leaves the factory always has, in addition to sophistication, a unique feeling associated with the product. The technology goes head to head in the production of each piece of furniture, then valuing the workmanship in the handling of such special pieces.

The years passed and, in 2010, Franccino embraced another challenge: to elaborate furniture for the interior comfort of the environments. After extensive research and specialization, the production of furniture for internal areas was started, and a new diversified line of products was launched to the furniture market, always seeking to provide contemporary design, durability, comfort and refinement for each product.

Franccino believes that the client’s wishes must always be respected and her dreams fulfilled. For this reason, the furniture is elaborated with the help of designers and using original raw material, so that credibility is reaffirmed at each sale and the desire of the client is transferred to the final piece. To feel what the client wants and to know how to turn that desire into reality is the daily challenge of Franccino.

The company stands out more and more in the market and has showrooms in some of the main capitals of Brazil, being São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória and Goiânia, as well as the industrial park in Cláudio / MG.

Eighteen years of history have already been written and Franccino continues working in the exclusive service, aiming to correspond to the wishes of each client.

Our main objective is to continue with our passion to produce beautiful furniture, always seeking to surprise and enchant with every piece and concept to be developed day after day.



Franccino shows great respect for nature and for the human being, using raw materials from renewable plantations provided by its suppliers and practices mainly for recycling inputs from the production process.

The acquisition of the raw materials MDF, solid and bladewood come from managed forests that have the FSC® certificate, guaranteeing the forest operation in order to be ecologically correct, socially just and economically viable.

Recycling of materials: Franccino recycles the leftovers of materials, such as foams, fabrics, fibers and screens with a process of pressing and formation of new blocks of matter, which together with sawdust produced in the procedures with the wood are supplied and reused in ceramics And companies of the local municipality.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable in the process of melting and producing cast aluminum parts by Franccino.




Franccino has been highlighted out for the strong innovative character in the use of the technology associated to the handcraft work, factors that form a recipe of visible success and luxurious products. The brand is attentive to new developments in the market, both for the discovery of new raw materials and finishes as well as for new trends in decoration and design in the internal and external environments.

MISSION: Our mission is to offer to customers comfort, refinement, sophistication and contemporary design in their residences, through the development of quality products with innovative details.

VISION: To be a reference in furniture of high standard, quality and design, as well as meet and conceptualize the brand throughout Brazil.

VALUES: Valuing and well being: we provide a better quality of life for people.
Respect: We recognize, accept and value the next.
Honesty: We are transparent in relationships and true in what we propose
Integrity: We value ethics, justice and loyalty in all actions.
Humility: We value the warm and friendly interpersonal relationship.
Environmental Care: We are environmentally responsible in the raw materials used in the products.